Better Footnotes in WordPress JetPack

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A very long footnote.

Previously, I've written about using Footnotes in WordPress Markdown. A reader notified me that the footnotes1 weren't very accessible. This blog post describes the problem and proposes a solution. The Problem Using WordPress's JetPack, markdown footnotes are rendered as: Some text <sup id="fnref-1234-1"><a href="#fn-1234-1" class="jetpack-footnote">1</a></sup> ... <li id="fn-1234-1">The footnotes. <a href="#fnref-1234-1">↩</a></li> There are two main problems…

A (terrible?) way to do footnotes in HTML

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A very long footnote.

I've been thinking about better ways to display footnotes in eBooks. So this is my horrible and hacky way to display inline footnotes in pure HTML and CSS. No Javascript. Here's how it works: The most cited work in history, for example, is a 1951 paper <details> <summary>1</summary> Lowry, O. H., Rosebrough, N. J., Farr,…