Book Review: Much Depends on Dinner by Margaret Visser

Book cover featuring Eve reaching for an apple.

Food is transcendental. All cultures venerate it, a shared meal is the universal symbol of hospitality, the business of food shapes our entire planet. This book was originally written in the 1980s and updated in the 1990s - but it is a timeless classic. Visser talks us through how a simple meal came to be, […]

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Review: GreenChef / HelloFresh meal boxes

Green Chef logo which looks like a chopping board.

I'm a reasonably adventurous eater - but a rather underwhelming cook. So I thought I'd give these "posh ready-meals" a go. The pitch is simple. GreenChef will send you a big box of ingredients and a bunch of recipes to follow. You get exactly 175g of tomatoes, a precise number of lentils, and a sachet […]

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Gadget Review: Tefal ActiFry Genius+ Air Fryer

Chopped veggies in a black bowl.

I don't know when social media influencers started banging on about Air Fryers. All I know is that they're the new hip thing and that I am easily influenced. Anyway, I saw this on sale and thought I'd take a punt on it. What's the worst that could happen? The technology is pretty basic. Point […]

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I'm only vegan for the money

Environmental footprints of dairy and plant-based milks Impacts are measured per liter of milk. These are based on a meta-analysis of food system impact studies across the supplychain which includes land use change, on-farm production, processing, transport, and packaging.

I've been a vegetarian since the turn of the century. I always felt like I should probably be vegan but, you know, cheese is delicious. Then, without warning, my body decided that producing the human lactase enzyme was for losers. Stupid body! No more cheese for me 😭 The UK has come on leaps and […]

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Let's eat banana peel!

Bright yellow skins in a frying pan.

I'm an indifferent cook, and mostly-vegan. But I like to be adventurous in my eating habits, when I can. So I decided to follow and then adapt this intriguing recipe for "banana peel bacon". OK. But Why? Food waste is a big issue. People throw away lots of perfectly edible food. They also discard tonnes […]

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Review: YumAsia Mini Panda Rice Cooker

Rice cooker which looks a bit like a panda.

I read this wonderful article about the invention of the rice cooker and, because I am easily influenced, bought one. This is the YumAsia Panda Mini. It seemed to hit the sweet spot for physical size and price. For £80 you get a rice cooker, steamer, and utensils. Makes enough rice for 2 people. Although, […]

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Review: 小鳳腿 (Vegan "Chicken" Drumsticks)

Breaded drumsticks - with a bone sticking out of them.

I'm a sucker for weird veggie-friendly foods! I especially love discovering what other countries and cultures do to replicate their meaty dishes in veggie friendly formats. So I was delighted to find a local store to me selling all manner of Chinese meat-substitutes - including these amazing looking "Chicken" Drumsticks! I ordered a bunch and […]

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Make your hackday vegan

A projected screen at a conference, it says that all lunch boxes will be vegan.

I go to lots of conferences, unconferences, hackdays, and tech events. As a vegetarian, I'm used to being relegated to second-class when it comes to event catering. If I'm lucky, I get some cheese sandwiches mingled with a plate of meaty snacks. That's why I was overjoyed at ODF Plugfest Rome when the organisers made […]

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Review: Guzzl Box

treats inside a box - some jars, boxes, and slabs of chocolate

I've never been a big fan of subscription boxes. They always seem to deliver too much (who uses that many toothbrushes a month?!?!) or the quality is too variable. That said, I was intrigued by the offer of a bunch of British delicacies delivered to my gaping mouth every month. any idea what's in a […]

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A Vegetarian in Beijing

I was incredibly fortunate that my new employer sent me to a conference in China recently. I can't discuss what I did out there - but I can report on all the delicious food I ate! (NB - I paid for all meals myself!) Being veggie in Beijing was relatively easy. I had a stock […]

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