Free Open Banking API using Nordigen / GoCardless

Screenshot from GoCardless. 1. Test with your own data See how the product flow would look like for your users and what data is available 2. Set up the API Follow our documentation to set up the API and start collecting bank account data 3. Customise the user interface Pay as you go Make the user agreement flow for your customers to match your brand 4. Ready to go live? Need help and advice to set up faster?

A few weeks ago I was moaning about there being no OpenBanking API for personal use. Thankfully, I was wrong! As pointed out by Dave a company called Nordigen was set up to provide a free Open Banking service. It was quickly bought by GoCardless who said: We believe access to open banking data should […]

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Forced into the FIRE

A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

I'm an ambivalent convert to FIRE - Financial Independence Retire Early. The basic gist is: Minimise your expenditure, Save 20x your annual expenditure, Retire early while maintaining the same lifestyle. That's it. There are a lot of crappy books about FIRE, but the concept is simple. So I try to spend a little less, and […]

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A year of going cashless - and where it hasn't worked

Four credit cards in a pile

I set myself a resolution last year - go 12 months without using physical cash. No coins, no notes, no gold bullion, no cheques. I attempted to do all my spending on credit card, Direct Debit, and bank transfer (BACS). It worked! Mostly... Here's where it didn't work, and what I learned from it. Foreign […]

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I Am No Longer a Vodafone Shareholder

The Vodafone logo with the text "The future is exciting. Ready?"

As many of you know, I worked for Vodafone for nearly 7 years. I left shortly before the "entirely legal and justified tax avoidance" scandal came to light. I didn't know anything about the tax issues while I was working there - other than the fact I had some colleagues working in Luxembourg - otherwise […]

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