Forced into the FIRE

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A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

I’m an ambivalent convert to FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early. The basic gist is: Minimise your expenditure, Save 20x your annual expenditure, Retire early while maintaining the same lifestyle. That’s it. There are a lot of crappy books about FIRE, but the concept is simple. So I try to spend a little less, and…

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A year of going cashless – and where it hasn’t worked

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Four credit cards in a pile

I set myself a resolution last year – go 12 months without using physical cash. No coins, no notes, no gold bullion, no cheques. I attempted to do all my spending on credit card, Direct Debit, and bank transfer (BACS). It worked! Mostly… Here’s where it didn’t work, and what I learned from it. Foreign…

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I Am No Longer a Vodafone Shareholder

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As many of you know, I worked for Vodafone for nearly 7 years. I left shortly before the “entirely legal and justified tax avoidance” scandal came to light. I didn’t know anything about the tax issues while I was working there – other than the fact I had some colleagues working in Luxembourg – otherwise…

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