Take Shelter from this Crap QR Code

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To whoever is responsible for this QR code marketing monstrosity: go home. Seriously, pack up the tools of your trade, go home, pour yourself a stiff drink, and weep at what you have done. The Poster Here’s a fun game for all the family! Play “spot the QR code” on this poster… Bzzzzzt! Time’s up!…

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Show Film First

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I’m a big fan Show Film First. A company which aims to get people to preview screenings of films – for free. There’s also a confusingly similarly named company called See Film First with broadly similar aims. I’m not sure what, if any, relationship the two have. Show Film First concentrate mainly on bloggers –…

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Movie Review – Harry Brown

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Last night, thanks to the lovely people at SeeFilmFirst, I went to see a free preview of Harry Brown starring Michael Caine. Harry Brown is an unremittingly violent film. Utterly devoid of sympathetic characters, it offers a terrifying glimpse into the fear, violence and sadism on an unnamed council estate. Every scene is wired with…

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