New Ex Libris Cards

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Last year (also during NaBloPoMo) I was enthusing about the literary card game Ex Libris. The only trouble with the game, in my opinion, are the limited numbers of cards available in the set. Much like Trivial Pursuit – once you’ve gone through them a few times the game is exhausted. I had planned on…

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Copyright Strikes Again!

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In my last post, I was talking about generating new cards for the fantastic game “Ex Libris”. I emailed the manufacturers to see if they had any objections – and to see if they were releasing any updates. With their kind permission, I’m posting their reply in full. Dear Mr Eden, We are delighted that…

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New Cards for Ex Libris

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Ex libris is a wonderful game. No – better than that – it’s a beautiful game. Here are the rules: Everyone has to write the opening line of a novel, based on the novel’s summary. One player has the real opening line to copy down. One other player (the guesser) has to guess which of…

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