Lies, damned lies, and political billboards

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any photograph which doesn’t fit your political viewpoint must have been photoshopped. A few weeks ago, as I was driving down the M40, I saw a giant “Vote Leave” poster with a fairly repulsive message on it. Saw a disgusting "Leave" billboard by the motorway saying "Halt ze…

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Brexit Lies

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At this point, I think it is a certainty that the UK will vote to leave the EU. The people who are anti-EU are passionate about their cause – every single one of them will be out to vote. For the rest of us, the EU doesn’t occupy our every waking thought, we’re happy to…

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EU 112 Day Widget

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Today is the European 112 Day! Because the date is 11/2 – just like the number – see! 112 is the European wide emergency services number. Wherever you are in the EU, dialling 112 will get you through to the local emergency services. In fact, most GSM networks outside of the EU will also route…

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Amendment 138

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Update 27/10/2009 – I’ve received several replies – scroll down to read. After reading EU Parliament’s credibility undermined by back track on citizens’ rights on the Open Rights Group blog, I was moved to write to my MEPs. FOR THE ATTENTION OF: Sharon Bowles MEP Nirj Deva MEP Nigel Farage MEP Caroline Lucas MEP Marta…

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