Stop treating eBooks like paper books

Screenshot of a page of an eBook. The page number splits the page in half. Footnotes are visible at the bottom of the bisected page.

As part of my never-ending quest to banish this skeuomorph from the world… I was reading a fascinating eBook recently which was, sadly, designed to mimic a legacy / paper book. To the point where the authoring software had hard-coded in page numbers and forced them to be displayed. Here's what it looked like: There […]

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How do you raise a software bug with a book publisher?

HTML code - a span wraps the first letter of a word.

Recently, I bought an eBook which has a bug. I'd like to explain what the bug is, why it is a problem, and how I'm trying to get it corrected. Amazon sells eBooks in KF8 format. That is an ePub with some proprietary extras. ePub is a standard based off HTML5. You can read the […]

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If The Kindle is Sold at Break-Even, Why Doesn't Amazon Sell ePub?

ePub logo.

Amazon claims that it makes no money from the sale of Kindle eReader hardware. Looking at the prices of eink devices at wholesalers, this looks broadly accurate. They do seem to be selling at around wholesale cost - customers also get Amazon's fabulous support, free software updates, and high quality manufacturing. Yet there is a […]

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