Walking Under The Thames

Earlier this year, I won the BlueLightCamp Hackathon. Usually prizes are a token of appreciation - vouchers, a books, maybe even a new phone if you're lucky. This, however, was a "money can't buy" prize - a trip through the Thames Barrier. And so, during one of London's delightfully wet summer's days, I made my […] Read More

Making Hay While The Sun Shines

One of the perils of being a reluctant capitalist is the cognitive dissonance. Normally, on a sunny day, I look outside and smile. Blue skies, warmth, chance for an ice cream, people smiling, lovely. Yesterday, I saw the sun was shining, I rubbed my hands together and let out an Mr Burns-esque chuckle of delight. […] Read More

Solar Panels and FIT

As I mentioned in my last post, we've just had solar panels installed! Because of Greg Barker MP's idiotic decision to scrap the Feed In Tariff with only six weeks' notice - we've had to get this done in rather a rush. Thanks to Angi and Philip at Sunny Future Solar, we were able to […] Read More

Recycling The FreshCase

Earlier this month, the lovely people at FreshCase sent me some boxes of wine. Alex Hilton wanted to know how easy it was to recycle. So, for your edification and delight, I present... Recycling The FreshCase Disclaimer These boxes of wine were sent to me for free. Enjoy alcohol responsibly. Do not attempt without adult […] Read More