The Secret Rules For Getting Hired

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Web Developer with a job (has a great big beard). Web Developer without a job (is clean shaven).

I’m going to let you in to three TOP SECRET rules for getting hired. These are the hidden techniques used by TOP interviewers… Never Tell The Candidates The Rules Of Success I read an infuriating blog post recently: “If someone doesn’t send a thank you email, don’t hire them“. This is a great way to…

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Newvember – New Job!

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Welcome to my yearly NaBloPoMo – where I attempt to publish a new blog post every day in November. This year is likely to be challenging as I’ve just started a new job. As of last month, I am the Open Standards Lead at Government Digital Service – part of Cabinet Office. As ever, this…

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You Don't Have To Lead In Order To Succeed

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Last week I ran a mentoring session with a young woman working in technology. She’s smart, capable, dedicated, confident and utterly un-ambitious. She was incredibly frustrated that all of the training courses and women’s networks she had found were fixated on her becoming a manager, an executive, or a CEO. We were both in agreement…

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If you haven’t already heard, I’ve joined the award winning team at Touchnote ltd. I was overwhelmed by the support of my friends on Twitter and by the excellent bloggers at Mobile Industry Review and The Really Mobile Project. Starting a new job is never easy – but you guys have given me wind in…

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