What's the point of a lecturer?

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A young, beardless Terry - wearing graduation robes.

Backstory - I'm doing a taught Masters course. It's going OK. Mostly. But I've been thinking about the nature of university lecturers. This Tweet has been doing the rounds. HI EXCUSE ME, I just found out the the prof for this online course I’m taking *died in 2019* and he’s technically still giving classes since…

New Year's Resolution - start an MSc

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A young, beardless Terry - wearing graduation robes.

New Year! New Me! I'm crap at sticking to my multiple resolutions. I think I did okay on last year's resolutions. So this year, I'm just making a single one. At the start of the Gregorian calendar 2021, I'll begin an MSc Digital and Technology Specialist. My resolution is to get my coursework in on…

How bad is Scotland's Computer Science Exam?

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Oh noes! The computer science exams taken by 16 year olds may contain errors! Computer science exam had coding errors https://t.co/hljJetFSbf — BBC News Technology (@BBCTech) October 17, 2016 As a professional computerist, I was intrigued to see what our fine young minds are being tested on. My memories of "computing" at school was being…

So Why Aren't You?

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There are few occupations that are as open, where the barrier to entry is as low as it is in web design and development. If you have the ability, and are willing to learn, you can get started without a formal education or having to pay for college courses. Most of what you need to…

Coding For Kids - Android

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Last night I went to the Coding For Kids Barcamp. This event, organised by Emma Mulqueeny, was designed to bring together geeks, parents, kids, and educators to see if we can improve the woeful state of computer science education in this country. This is the blog version of the discussion I lead.