Case Conflicts in Dropbox for Linux

Unix is user-friendly — it's just choosy about who its friends are.

I love Dropbox, I really do. It sits on my home PC, my laptop, my server, and my Android phones and tablets. Nothing comes close to it for seamlessly giving my machines access to the same set of files. It even runs on Linux - well... mostly. All my devices run Linux, from my Raspberry […]

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Installing Calibre PHP

(These are mostly notes to myself!) I love Calibre, it's the perfect eBook management tool. It comes with a built in WWW server so you can easily access your library on the go. The only problem is that this really only works if you have a single machine dedicated to Calibre. For various reasons, I […]

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Remote Storage: Ubuntu One vs Dropbox

Logo for Ubuntu One.

I've been looking for a way to manage my backups. Burning DVDs and then leaving them around the house doesn't strike me as a sensible way to preserve my data any more. I just want a simple way to thrust my files onto the cloud with the minimum of fuss. The two big contenders I […]

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