Make Facebook (and other sites) Less Annoying Using CSS

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I'm really late to the party on this one - so this blog post is mostly an aide-mémoire. The web is built on three fundamental components: HTML - the structure of the page. CSS - how the page is styled. JavaScript - the interactivity. Typically, the website owner sets up the CSS to say links…

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iPhone Usability "Quirks"

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I hate the iPhone. Always have, probably always will. However, as a geek in the mobile industry, I have to try the full gamut of devices. So, this weekend, for testing purposes, I've been lumbered with an iPhone 4S. My aesthete friends are always complaining about how cobbled together Android is. Because there is no…

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Love Thy Vendor

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I've really enjoyed learning from Kathy Sierra's talk "Creating the minimum badass user". It's an hour long, but well worth your time. She covers many aspects of product design, but the quote which really resonated with me was this - Zoomed in - This seems so applicable to many "services" these days. Millions spent on…

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Are Designers Crazy?

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...or do I just need new glasses? I'm not a graphic designer. I find it hard to get into the mindset of excellence through beauty. I understand user flow, interactions, happy paths, delighting the user, humane design, and so on - but when it comes to the art of making something look nice I'm all…

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Bitcoin Sucks - But It Doesn't Have To!

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Bitcoin me! 1JDDn6cHgzqsRtgQJZwhToJPAX4oYZg19T If that "sentence" makes any sense to you - you're not a muggle. Muggles (for want of a better epithet) don't want to invest a lot of time into things which don't fit with their mental model of how the world works. Without getting into a philosophical discussion on what money is…

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QR Tetris

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Designer Ming Ling has created the most wonderful QR code constructed out of Tetris pieces. The full size version is a work of beauty. As I've explained before, this works because the QR scanner sees the image in black and white - so light colours disappear. Anything else is covered by the fairly generous error…

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The Design Of Everyday Hotel Rooms

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One of the most influential books I have ever read is Donald Norman's "The Design of Everyday Things". In the book, Norman rails against the usability flaws which seek to undermine our comfort and sanity. Everything from lightswitches which never seem to have a consistent state, to to alarm clocks with impossible to figure out…

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How Not To Design A Mobile Site - TasteLondon

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I'm a huge fan of TasteLondon.  Their card gives discounts in hundreds of restaurants around London.  It's saved me quite a bit of money  and I really recommend the service to anyone who likes eating out. There is a small problem with it, though.  The directory of restaurants it covers is a fairly heavy paperback…

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