Hashtags and Implicit Knowledge

What is "Implicit Knowledge"? Essentially it's stuff that everyone knows, but no one has written down. Usually it's something that people have worked out through their own experiences. This sort of knowledge is common in life - but is fatal in computing and design. Take the following tweet I received. @edent @dabr you folks aware […] Read More

Don't Let Users Do Things They Can't Do

There are many "rules" when it comes to User Interface / User Experience design.  One that I try to stick to is "Don't let users do things they can't do." It's one of my gripes with Linux.  If you're editing a configuration file, you are relying on yourself to sanity check your input - often […] Read More

Twitter and Linebreaks

As any student of computer science knows, line breaks are confusing. There are styles of line breaks unique to Unix, Mac and Windows - so what should a web renderer do when faced with a newline command? In HTML, it's simple, they should be ignored. But what when it is user generated text, not HTML? […] Read More

Twitter's new OAuth Problem

Twitter have announced that all third party site will have to use OAuth.  You will no longer be able to just type in your username and password to get access to Twitter via your favourite web client. Usually, I would be a big fan of this move - especially if it forces password anti-pattern sites […] Read More

Twitter OAuth - Mobile Failures

I'm a big fan of OAuth - despite some claims to the contrary. It's an excellent way of teaching people not to stick their username and password into any old site which asks for it. Which is why I'm so incredibly disappointed in Twitter's implementation of mobile OAuth. For a service which started out operating […] Read More

Dabr Widget for 360 H1

I've written a very basic JIL widget to launch dabr.  You can grab it from https://shkspr.mobi/Dabr.wgt I've tested this to work on the Vodafone 360 H1 - but it should work with any JIL handset. Because it isn't certified, you may need to dial *#35767# to remove the H1's security check. The code is very […] Read More

Integrating AudioBoo and Phreadz with Dabr

A quick explanation of how I integrated AudioBoo and Phreadz with Dabr. I'm a big fan of AudioBoo - for those who don't know it,  AudioBoo allows you to record some audio on your phone and then publish it to the web.  It's like instant podcasting.  Originally only for the iPhone, AudioBoo now works on […] Read More

Embedding Mobile YouTube in Dabr / Twitter

I've decided to add a preview of YouTube videos into Dabr, the mobile Twitter service. The code is fairly simple - although I still suck at regular expressions. if (preg_match_all('#youtube.com/watch?v=([_-dw]+)#', $tmp, $matches, PREG_PATTERN_ORDER) > 0) { foreach ($matches[1] as $match) { $images[] = theme('external_link', "http://m.youtube.com/watch?v={$match}", "<img src='http://i.ytimg.com/vi/{$match}/1.jpg' class='twitpic' />"); } } Here's how it looks.  […] Read More

Expanding URLs in Dabr / Twitter

I hate shortened URLs with a passion.  It makes it hard to see what a link is and whether I've visited it before.  If they fail - like tr.im threatened to do - you lose your links with no way to see where they once went. So, hurrah for LongURLPlease - a service which takes […] Read More