Connect Merger with Prospect

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A stunning majority - 88% - voted in favour of Connect merging with Prospect.  It's not known how many ballots the CWU delayed due to strikes. Adrian Askew, Connect's General Secretary, said: I am delighted that our members have strongly backed plans to merge with Prospect.  This promises an exciting future and we look forward… Continue reading →

Twitter Favourites

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What Are Twitter Favourites? Twitter allows you to mark certain posts as favourites.  You may do this for a number of reasons - because you thought it was funny or interesting, because you want to reply to it later, or as a general bookmark feature They're Private, Right? Wrong. You can see any Twitter user's… Continue reading →

Connect Merger With Prospect

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At the Connect Biennial Conference, I proudly stated the case for Connect's merger with the Prospect Union. Our other choice was the CWU. Unions - in the UK at least - are democratic structures. What gets proposed at conference has to be approved by a majority vote of members - not just those who could… Continue reading →

Connect Merger With Prospect

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At the Connect Conference in Blackpool we voted to merge our union with Prospect. The other potential merger was with CWU. There's a plethora of articles about the CWU ruining businesses.  Is this really the union people want representing them? Let's face facts, the postal service is dying.  I literally can't remember I posted a… Continue reading →

Connect Conference - Part 1

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I'm still writing up my notes from the Connect Biennial Conference in Blackpool which I hope to turn into a full post this week. However, I found an anonymous article in the Socialist Worker decrying the merger vote. Socialist Worker accept comments for publication in the paper, but not on their website, so here's the… Continue reading →