Staking Claims with Scheduled Tweets

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Twitter has a nifty new feature which allows you to schedule the publication of a Tweet. But, crucially, it doesn’t let the reader know when the message was originally written. How can you, as a publisher, prove that you wrote a scheduled Tweet at a specific time? Here’s one method. Write a Tweet which contains…

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Why API responses should be signed

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Doctor Who holding a glowing key

I’m going to start this discussion with the why and then move on to the how. Let’s begin with a couple of user stories. As the recipient of some data, I want to verify that it hasn’t been tampered with. and As the recipient of some data, I want to verify who originally published it.…

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Things For Which Cryptographic Signing Would Be Useful

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Every time someone mentions BlockChain, I have to down my drink. Those are the rules. You see, most uses of Distributed Ledger are really just a way to get people interested in cryptographic signing. There’s lots of money and attention flowing to projects which have no need to publish to an energy-inefficient global database. They…

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