Review: GreenChef / HelloFresh meal boxes

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Green Chef logo which looks like a chopping board.

I'm a reasonably adventurous eater - but a rather underwhelming cook. So I thought I'd give these "posh ready-meals" a go. The pitch is simple. GreenChef will send you a big box of ingredients and a bunch of recipes to follow. You get exactly 175g of tomatoes, a precise number of lentils, and a sachet […]

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More Fresh Wasabi In The UK

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A few months ago I reviewed the UK grown wasabi of The Wasabi Company. The good folk at Kazari saw my review and offered to send some of their wasabi to review. Their Kazari rhizomes are imported from Japan and America, and they're about half the price of The Wasabi Company. After months of procurement, […]

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Fresh Wasabi In The UK

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tl;dr Buy fresh wasabi in the UK. It's amazing Fresh Wasabi? In The UK When I was at university, I moved into a shared student home with Liz (spoiler she became my wife several years later!). Liz was, and still is, quite the cook. However, her range of culinary equipment dumbfounded our house-mates. I once […]

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