It will cost you £500 not to attend this conference

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Two pigs talking. "Isn't it great that we pay nothing for the barn?" The other says "Yeah and the food is free."

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted a free ticket to a conference about the health industry. The line-up of speakers looked pretty interesting, so I said yes. I speak at a lot of conferences, and sometimes it's nice to go as a guest. Even though I'd agreed, the conference organiser started…

Make your hackday vegan

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A projected screen at a conference, it says that all lunch boxes will be vegan.

I go to lots of conferences, unconferences, hackdays, and tech events. As a vegetarian, I'm used to being relegated to second-class when it comes to event catering. If I'm lucky, I get some cheese sandwiches mingled with a plate of meaty snacks. That's why I was overjoyed at ODF Plugfest Rome when the organisers made…

Edible Logos

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Just a quick shout out to the wonderful people at Ink Edibles. I was heading to a bunch of conferences and was looking for a fun and quirky way to promote one of my websites. At some of the bigger conventions, I'd noticed people handing out branded confectionery. All the sites I went to would…

Would anyone be interested in a retro-tech conference?

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The best ideas occur while drunk, don't you agree? Having just attended the blisteringly brilliant Hackference Brum, a bunch of us were drinking in a pub and chatting about how focused on the future most conference are. There's rarely any time to reflect on the past. That got me thinking... GENIUS (drunk) idea. Retro conferences.…

Episode 11 - Sketchnoting with @rohdesign

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Mike Rohde talks about his work teaching people to draw while the take notes. Join the fun at Sketchnote Army - and follow Mike on Twitter or his Blog. Buy Mike's books from Amazon: Get About A Minute as soon as each episode goes live. Stick this Podcast Feed into your podcatcher Or you can…

Over The Air 2012

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Another brilliant event from Over The Air. The perfect mix of lectures, hacking, and relaxing in a country manor / museum. And, to top it off, my hack won a brace of prizes! The Wifi just about held up. Although I think it's fundamentally impossible to provide decent connectivity to 200+ people. Especially when they're…