Easy APIs Without Authentication

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This is a curated list of APIs which do not require usernames, passwords, access tokens, signing, accept-headers, or anything more complicated than sticking a URL in a browser. (This is an update to my post from two years ago.) When I introduce people to the concept of using RESTful APIs, they immediately get how powerful…

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Pair Programing At The Code Club

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Running a Code Club sometimes means thinking quickly on your feet. I recently started a new Code Club at work. We thought we had everything set up perfectly when disaster struck. We went in to our assigned room half an hour before the club started and began to set up. Of the eleven computers we…

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Code Club Lessons – The Checklist

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Somehow, simultaneously, all 10 children in my CodeClub shoot their hands up. “Terence! Terence! Why doesn’t this work? “Help! My bird isn’t flapping!” “What do I press to set this variable?” I am run off my feet. I dash from workstation to workstation, troubleshooting the problems. In every case, my response is the same. “Did…

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Lessons From CodeClub

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Last night, I ran my second Code Club at Woking Library – teaching kids how to program using Scratch. We’re following CodeClub’s syllabus which has loads of kid friendly lessons. The first lesson was a great success. It was held before the Christmas break – so I was eager to make sure that interest hadn’t…

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Giving Back – CodeClub and AppsForGood

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It occurred to me that I’ve been very lucky in my computing career. I had parents who encouraged my love of technology, who were able to teach me BASIC, and buy my brother and I our first computer when we were still quite young. That old BBC Micro served me well and helped springboard me…

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Coding For Kids – In Woking Library

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A few months ago, my friend Adam Cohen-Rose told me that Surrey Libraries were looking for a volunteer to help teach coding to kids. hey @edent Surrey Library Service in Woking is looking for a @codeclub volunteer… know anyone? http://t.co/Fv8ynV6d — Adam Cohen-Rose (@adamcohenrose) August 31, 2012 So, after a few months of negotiations, demonstrations,…

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