A quick guide to getting Mozilla VPN working on a headless Linux server

Mozilla VPN logo.

The Mozilla VPN service is great, but it doesn't work using the CLI if you have a "headless" server. After a bit of faffing about, I got it working. I suffered so you don't have to. Get an account Sign up and use code MOZILLA20 for a cheeky 20% discount! Get a token in the […]

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Anatomy of my perfect ls command

Unix is user-friendly — it's just choosy about who its friends are.

Mostly notes to myself. Nestled away in my Linux Bash profile, I have this one-liner alias lh='ls -trhgGN --color=always | cut -d" " -f4-' When I run lh it outputs a list of files in the directory, showing their size, with the newest files on the bottom. I use this regularly to see what I've […]

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Screenscraping Album Artwork From The Linux Command Line

Cover art for The Beatles' Sgt Pepper Album.

Like many people, I've collected a fair number of CDs over the years. As hard-drives and MicroSD cards have got larger and cheaper, I've gradually been ripping them to FLAC. Most CD rippers automatically tag the music files with the correct metadata and, nowadays, they will also download and embed album artwork as well. (As […]

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