Creating a generic, open source, check-in app

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Many years ago, when Foursquare was still cool, I built an app to let people check into chocolate bars. You know, “@edent is eating a Wonka Bar classic. 4/5?” It was a quick and dirty hackday project. Ever since, I’ve had the hankering to build something a bit more generic. I currently use Untappd to…

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As befitting my status as The Cheese Lord, I decided to hold a Cheesemas party this year. What is Cheesemas? Last year we held a wine tasting. Which is a posh way of saying that we bought lots of bottles of nice wine, printed out tasting notes, and pretended we knew what we were talking…

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I *Am* The Cheese Lord

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Edit! I’ve uploaded the clip as it’s no longer available on iPlayer A few weeks ago, I blogged about seeing Russell Howard’s Good News. I was (only slightly) gutted not to have appeared on the broadcast version of the show. Then, this morning, one of my colleagues stopped me in the lift… Hey! Saw you…

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I Am The Cheese Man!

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There are many reasons to love the BBC. In my opinion, one of the truly great things they do is offer free tickets to show recordings. Through the BBC tickets site and I’ve seen – for free – The Now Show, HIGNFY, The News Quiz, Mitchell and Webb as well as assorted TV and…

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