Hackdays – How Much Preparation is Acceptable?

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I don’t watch much TV. During the last episode of The Apprentice, my Twitter-feed was suddenly flooded with people talking about Nick Holzherr‘s app “Whisk”. Apparently it was some kind of recipe / shopping / mash up thing called Whisk. Sounded good. Sounded familiar. Then I remembered this from CadburyHack Best use of APIs at…

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Choc In To Joyville – Cadbury's Hackday

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Before Cadbury’s inaugural hackday began there were a number of rumblings on the blogs about the extact nature of Cadbury’s intentions. See Thayer Prime‘s and Emma Mulqueeny‘s thoughts on the subject. As it happens, after a bit of gentle poking, some of the terms were clarified. The event itself went rather well, but I’d like…

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