iBeacon Business Cards

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Four years ago, I wrote an article for Moo.com about using QR Codes on business cards. At the time, it was the easiest way to get VCARD information from a physical card and onto a phone. I notice that Moo are now selling NFC enabled business cards. As regular readers know, I’m not a great…

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QR Business Cards and Moo.com

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An edited version of this paid-for post appeared at Moo.com on the 7th of June QR codes are awesome! I mean, you may think your moo mini-cards are pretty funky – but they’re nothing without a QR code. Why do you hand your card over to someone? You want the recipient to plug your contact…

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Review: WorldCard Mobile

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The only thing I love more than giving out my business cards, is taking business cards from others. Unfortunately, my current “to do” pile of cards is getting a little… unwieldy… Enter WorldCard Mobile – the app for Android which claims to be able to recognise the text on business cards and add them directly…

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