Which eBooks Should I Read On Holiday?

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I’m an utter bookworm – on holiday, I like nothing better than to lie by the pool reading a good book. I generally average a book a day. Last year, I took a mixture of eBooks and physical books away with me. This year, I’m only taking eBooks. That’s where I need your help, gentle…

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QR Codes Going Mainstream? ASDA and Martina Cole

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Two of the biggest “mass market” brands are using QR Codes in their advertising. ASDA – the UK arm of Walmart – and Martina Cole – one of the UK’s best selling authors. Here’s the poster in situ Here’s a close up of the code It’s a reasonable physical size and the information density isn’t…

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Girl With A One Track Mind

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It’s always a thrill to hear an author read their work aloud. It’s even more of an honour to be at the author’s début. Last night, 100 people crammed into the function room of Canal 125 for the launch event of Girl With A One Track Mind Exposed by Abby Lee aka Zoe Margolis. Sitting…

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Holiday Book Reviews

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I’m a manic book reader. When I’m on holiday, I like to try and read a book a day. So, my recent two weeks off was the perfect time to indulge. Here, for those of you that care, are what I read and what I thought. In no particular order… Shades of Grey – Jasper…

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Redefining The Book

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Jasper Fforde releases upgrade patches for his books. If he has made an error of fact, created a plot hole or missspelt a word – you can download an upgrade for your book.  How cool is that? He also has a “cut scenes” repository where you can see the chapters which were cruelly cut by…

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Book Review: The Noughtie Girl's Guide to Feminism

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A small disclaimer. My mother & the author’s mother are great friends. I remember going round to play with Ellie when I was 7 and she was 8 and a half. Back then she towered over me with the intellectual and physical superiority that only children recognise. I was terrified of her. Ellie Levenson has…

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