A Stock Exchange For Digital Media

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The Internet is “the world’s most efficient copying machine” — Cory Doctorow. This is a long and rambling blog post which asks two questions: Given that we can only read one book at a time – can we set up a “Kindle Stock Exchange” for our unused media? If so, what effect would this have…

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Burning All My Books

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A tiny micro sd card.

My shelves are empty. The half-dozen Billy Bookcases I bought from Ikea are now little more than scrap. I have burned my books. A bonfire of ideas and ideals. My bookshelves used to burst at the seams. Every individual shelf bowed violently from the over-stuffed mass of paperbacks squeezed onto it. Shakespeare rubbed up with…

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Installing Calibre PHP

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(These are mostly notes to myself!) I love Calibre, it’s the perfect eBook management tool. It comes with a built in WWW server so you can easily access your library on the go. The only problem is that this really only works if you have a single machine dedicated to Calibre. For various reasons, I…

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Copyright Strikes Again!

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In my last post, I was talking about generating new cards for the fantastic game “Ex Libris”. I emailed the manufacturers to see if they had any objections – and to see if they were releasing any updates. With their kind permission, I’m posting their reply in full. Dear Mr Eden, We are delighted that…

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New Cards for Ex Libris

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Ex libris is a wonderful game. No – better than that – it’s a beautiful game. Here are the rules: Everyone has to write the opening line of a novel, based on the novel’s summary. One player has the real opening line to copy down. One other player (the guesser) has to guess which of…

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Barefoot Into Cyberspace

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An online acquaintance of mine, Becky Hogge, has released a book! Barefoot Into Cyberspace tells the story of the “hacker scene” over the tumultuous last few years. Yesterday, Becky released a transcript of her interview with Julian Assange – in it he discusses the News of the World hacking, amongst other things. A fascinating interview…

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How Do You Upgrade An eBook?

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As I’ve mentioned before, Jasper Fforde is one of my favourite authors. His latest book “One of Our Thursdays is Missing” is a brilliant work of fiction – but contains a rather worrying flaw. Well, I say a “worrying flaw” – I mean an error. All books contain errata – I think that’s a given…

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Kindle Wallpaper: Books are weapons in the war of ideas

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A book towering above some flames.

I was reading this article on Armed Services Editions of books distributed during World War 2, when I came across this extraordinary propaganda poster. Original image is from The Boston Public Library on Flickr under CC BY NC. What strikes me is how detailed the poster is. The power of the quote. The sheer neutrality…

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Holiday Reading

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Thanks for all the suggestions on which eBooks I should read on holiday. I didn’t get through as many as I would have liked (crappy flights and too many pre-lunch cocktails!) – but here’s what I did read and what I thought of them. Anathem Neal Stephenson’s Anathem By rights, I should have loved this…

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Releasing a PDF eBook is Like Writing an iPhone App – and I don't mean that as a compliment!

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The unsurpassed guru of mobile phones, Tomi T Ahonen, has released his latest book for free! The book, “The Insider’s Guide to Mobile”, is an invaluable guide to anyone in the mobile industry. I’ve read through a few pages of it and it is smart, funny, useful and a hugely important tome for anyone in…

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