WordPress Mobile - For The Rest of Us

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WordPress is only for people rich enough to buy a smartphone and cool enough to choose the right brand.  Right? From the WordPress Blog: I like to moderate comments when I’m waiting for something: a checkout clerk to help me, the dentist to call me back to the office, a soy chai to be made.… Continue reading →

You Never Call, You Never Write...

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As Shakespeare said... "[Blog posts are] a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Today Ofcom published the responses it had for its consultation on plans for the BBC to encrypt its HD broadcasts. The blogosphere went nuts! DRM? Not on our watch.  Boing Boing mobilised its army of commentators,… Continue reading →

Social Media Camp London 2008 - #smclondon08

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((Work In Progress - still need to add pics, videos and links))Yesterday, myself and a few hundred other bloggers, geeks, marketing droids and other social media maverns descended on Wallacepace St Pancras for the inaugural Social Media Camp London 2008. This is just a quick post to say what I did, what I liked and… Continue reading →

Changes to the blog

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I'm updating the blog's template to be .mobi compliant. I'm using the Blogger mobile template found on the dev.mobi site. After seeing it on SMSTextNews I'm implanting Disqus comments. Let's see if we can get them validating against the W3c.

SHKSPR.mobi goes live

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SHKSPR.mobi exists to bring the world's greatest playwrite to the SMS generation! No more will teenagers have to read long and complex prose, they can have everything compressed into a language with which they are more familiar! That is, of course, a load of nonsense. This site exists because I wanted a test bed for… Continue reading →