Being Normal

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"I consider this post incredibly racist. If it was the other way around then you'd soon have the snowflakes complaining. Do you honestly think ethnic people worry if they have to use a normal coloured plaster?"

A few months ago, UK supermarket Tesco released some flesh-toned sticking plasters. Whose flesh though? In this case, Tesco had them in a range of colours and shades. Because people come in all sorts of flavours. Naturally, some people (mostly old white dudes) were angry about this. Because they’re angry about everything. Here’s my “favourite”…

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Review: Shakespeare in the Park – Much Ado About Nothing

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Two lovers holding hands.

For a blog called “”, I don’t blog enough about Shakespeare. Sorry! The brilliant thing about Shakespeare is its versatility. You can do almost anything with it. Mess around with genders, set it in space, make a puppet show. It all just works. Perhaps you’ve seen a gender-flipped version of one of the minor history…

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