A floppy-disk Walkman – using a Raspberry Pi

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I have built the most inconvenient way of playing music! It is lo-fi awfulness and cyberpunk grungy. Thanks! I hate it! Ingredients Raspberry Pi USB floppy drive Audio Cable / Headphones USB Battery WHY?!?! As I discussed yesterday, it’s possible to fit half an hour of speech on a single floppy disk. The best band…

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Building a Record Wall

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Floating Record Wall.

I’ve just built this magic floating record wall on the cheap. I think it looks great during video calls. Here’s how I did it: Step One – Stalk eBay With lockdown, I couldn’t exactly go to my local record store. And I didn’t fancy rummaging through bins of second hand items trying to find exactly…

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Autograph hunting in Companies House

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The UK register of businesses – Companies House – has an online record of every company in the UK. It contains articles of incorporation, statement of accounts, and all sorts of legal documents. Everything which has been digitised is freely available. Yay for public records! Famous and important people have companies. Lots of them use…

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The Beatles – Surrounding You With Love

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I’m working on a new project which, unless UK copyright law radically changes, will only be available if you pop round my house 🙂 Yesterday… In 1960s the predominant form of music recording was in mono. Indeed, The Beatles weren’t involved in many of their stereo mixes. If you listen to some of those early…

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