Does Your Employer Own Your Twitter Account?

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What happens to your social media profile when you change jobs? Recently, the BBC's Laura Kunessberg announced she was heading off to ITV. As you've discovered I will become @ITVLauraK in September! Thanks for all the lovely tweets - Back in Westminster tomorrow — Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) June 22, 2011 Which got me wondering. Why…

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Derby Silk Mill Interview

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It's always a delight to be interviewed by the BBC - even if it is on a subject I know very little about! As part of the Wikimedia Derby Backstage Pass a group of participants were invited around the mothballed Silk Mill Museum. You can hear the full interview on the BBC iPlayer As the…

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Hiding Space Invaders In QR Codes

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One of the lovely aspects of QR codes is the variable levels of error correction built in.  On even the most basic code you can obscure or deform up to 7% of the code and most readers will still decode it. This leads us in to the amusing territory of "hiding" human readable data in…

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Mobile Badvertising - Intercontinental (and the BBC)

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If you're outside of the UK, you will see adverts on the BBC site. This also happens on the mobile site. Here's a typical example. Intercontinental are a premium brand. No doubt their mobile advertising is really good. Right? First Impression We start off with a mobile friendly page.  Almost.  There are five flaws here.…

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I *Am* The Cheese Lord

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Edit! I've uploaded the clip to YouTube as it's no longer available on iPlayer A few weeks ago, I blogged about seeing Russell Howard's Good News. I was (only slightly) gutted not to have appeared on the broadcast version of the show. Then, this morning, one of my colleagues stopped me in the lift... Hey!…

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I Am The Cheese Man!

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There are many reasons to love the BBC. In my opinion, one of the truly great things they do is offer free tickets to show recordings. Through the BBC tickets site and I've seen - for free - The Now Show, HIGNFY, The News Quiz, Mitchell and Webb as well as assorted TV and…

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You Never Call, You Never Write...

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As Shakespeare said... "[Blog posts are] a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Today Ofcom published the responses it had for its consultation on plans for the BBC to encrypt its HD broadcasts. The blogosphere went nuts! DRM? Not on our watch.  Boing Boing mobilised its army of commentators,…

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BBC, BNP and Statistics

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There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand statistics and those who don't. ±8. Ever since I took GCSE and A-Level statistics, I've had a healthy appreciation for the way they are presented to the public. I vividly remember my grandmother shouting at the television one night. The news presenter had…

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Twestival - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Woooo! Twestival! YAYAYAYAY! Errr... Well, no. Not really. After the success of last year's London Twestival, I thought this one would be even better. Looks like I was wrong. Let's start with... The GoodOnce again, it's impossible to feel anything other that gratitude and humbleness in the face of the sheer amount of effort, determination…

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iPhone vs iPlayer : 3G capacity planning

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The Internet is abuzz with the on-going spat between the BBC and the UK ISP industry. In short, the iPlayer is now responsible for 5% of all data traffic in the UK. That figure is growing. The problem is that the ISPs have been selling "unlimited" internet connectivity when their capacity is severly limited. The…

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