Early forms of Interactive TV

A tiny black and white image of a boy on a telephone.

Way back in the mists of time, I did my secondary-school work experience at the BBC. Specifically, Children's BBC. Every day for a couple of weeks, I'd commute into White City, wander those hallowed halls, sit at a desk, and... You know... I can't remember! I know I got to visit the "Broom Cupboard", and […]

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The BBC's 15 Web Principles - 15 years later

Powerpoint slide announcing BBC 2.0.

Back in 2007 - an eternity in web years - the BBC published a document showing their 15 Web Principles. I thought I'd take a look at how they stack up today. And investigate whether the BBC is still living up to them. Here are the slides if you want to play along at home: […]

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Download 1080p streams from iPlayer

Screenshot of VLC reporting that the video is 1080p.

Way back in 2010, Paul Battley was blogging about device discrimination on the Internet. The new iPlayer service was using TLS certificates to ensure that only specific devices were able to stream media from the BBC's servers. That's a situation which continues over a decade later. If you watch iPlayer on your laptop, you're stuck […]

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TTSF (Text To Shipping Forecast)

A robot with a backlit human face.

The BBC Shipping Forecast is one of those strange bits of national tradition which, somehow, bridges the gap between infrastructure and folklore. You can listen listen to the latest forecast on the BBC - read by professional newscasters. But what if we wanted a robot to read it? If our speaker is sick, bored, or […]

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Bug report: 4K iPlayer on the Amazon Fire Stick

BBC video with debug information on it.

Technology never works right. And video technology never works right even harder. The Amazon 4K Fire Stick is a pretty cool bit of kit. It's an Android device which can push 4K HDR video with surround sound to your TV. But, like any technology, it's buggy. Here's the bug report I've tried to send to […]

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Silver Haired Bias

Christine Lagard's official portrait. A silver haired woman.

I was unreasonably annoyed by some media commentator on Twitter complaining about the BBC. So I decided to use data to prove someone wrong on the Internet. In a recent article, the BBC described Christine Lagarde thusly: The role is likely to test the silver-haired 63-year-old, who has admitted before that she lacks economic experience. […]

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Talking Solar Batteries With BBC Click

Terence pointing at a laptop

A few weeks ago, I had a delightful chat with the BBC about our solar battery storage. You can watch it on iPlayer starting about 7m 30s in. Community battery technology is here. It is feasible. And it just works. The solar panels on our roof generate more power than we can use - so […]

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Talking SmartHome tech on Radio 2

A bunch of smartphone equipment on a radio broadcast desk.

After hearing my interview on Radio 4, the Jeremy Vine show asked me to talk about my smart home tech for Radio 2. We discuss controlling all the devices in your home with your mobile phone. #r2vine pic.twitter.com/O9hx7aTFpp — BBC Radio 2 (@BBCRadio2) November 17, 2016 But! There was a twist. Could I demo some […]

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Radio 4 IoT Talk

Edent Shouting into a microphone.

Off the back of my ThingMonk talk I was invited on to BBC Radio 4's PM programme to talk about the Internet of Things in the home. Listen to me on BBC Radio 4 - about 47 minutes in Want me on your show or podcast? Give me a call! You can read more about […]

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My solar batteries on BBC's You & Yours

Me and a man from the BBC standing in front of an electric car.

Always a delight to be interviewed by the BBC again. This time, talking about our Solar Batteries. You can listen again on the BBC iPlayer. The solar stuff starts at 14m 30s, with my interview at 17 minutes. You can also hear my electric car being charged 🙂 Being interviewed by a nice man from […]

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