Criminal Punishments For Destabilising The Economy – A (Very) Short History

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In the year 1124, the King of England had a problem with the people who produced the kingdom’s money. The quality of the coins in the early part of the reign was poor, as the moneyers made a large profit by producing underweight coins or coins of debased fineness. In 1124 Henry called all 150…

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Mobile Badvertising – Guardian, Barclay's, Apple Redux

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Once again my wrath is targeted at The Guardian, Barclays and Apple. Three massive companies – each one of whom could have stopped this advertising disaster. Mistake #1 Take a look at this rather charming advert on the Guardian’s mobile site. The more astute among you will recognise the problem. I’m being advertised an iPhone…

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Mobile Badvertising – BarCap

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Ahhhh! The BBC. Shining bastion of purity in a sea of commercial malaise. Nothing can spoil its lustre. Well, for those of us in the UK. For the poor sods who find themselves living in the wilderness of ROW (Rest Of World) this is their BBC experience… The reasons for me seeing this are rather…

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