Maplin's QR Code Mistakes

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Maplin, the UK technology retailer, is experimenting with QR codes in its Tottenham Court Road store. It’s a very mixed bag which deserves equal measures of praise and criticism. Here’s a typical product display stand with QR code placed on it. There’s no “call to action”. Nothing to say what the code is, how I…

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Take Shelter from this Crap QR Code

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To whoever is responsible for this QR code marketing monstrosity: go home. Seriously, pack up the tools of your trade, go home, pour yourself a stiff drink, and weep at what you have done. The Poster Here’s a fun game for all the family! Play “spot the QR code” on this poster… Bzzzzzt! Time’s up!…

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Choosing a URL for your QR Code

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When you create a QR code which contains a URL, it is vital that the code is not only as small as possible, but also as user friendly as possible. I’m not a massive fan of short URL services like – but for shrinking the text you want to fit in a QR code,…

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Advertising On The Kindle

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It looks like the next big thing in Kindle-land is – depressingly – advertising subsidisation. the world’s first ad-supported Kindle, going on sale within Target and Best Buy locations for $114. That represents a gentle $25 savings compared to the price of today’s cheapest Kindle, but those 2500 pennies don’t come free — you’ll be…

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Wonga Mobile Adverts

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I’ll preface this by saying that Wonga’s lawyers are far better than mine. Wonga, the payday loan company, has found itself in a bit of hot water recently. They’ve had an Advertising Standards Authority adjudication against one of their adverts and they have raised the ire of Stella Creasy MP over their sponsorship of the…

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The Mechanic QR Code

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Another day in London – another sighting of a QR code! This time, on a poster for high-brow art-house flick The Mechanic. Quite close to the bottom of the poster – so low, I had to kneel to scan it – is a QR code. Scan it and it takes you a mobile friendly trailer…

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Mobile Badvertising: Groupon

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I’m a big fan of Groupon – the money saving site – that’s why I’m so disappointed with their latest campaign. A nice simple set of banners. Let’s gloss over the missing apostrophe in this one though… Which leads to the Groupon mobile friendly site. Well formatted mobile site. Free text field for an email…

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Debenhams Don't Get QR Codes

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After the derisory efforts of Waitrose to properly utilise QR codes, it’s disheartening to see Debenhams make a brand new mistake. At the bottom of tonight’s Evening Standard is this advert from Debenhams. The QR code immediately caught my eye and – being the saddo that I am – I immediatley whipped out ZXing and…

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2D Tags in the Metro

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What a joy for fans of 2D codes. London’s freesheet “Metro” has adverts with two different styles of 2D codes on pages 14 and 15. In the left corner – John Lewis sporting a QR Code. In the right corner – the Donkey from Shrek going into battle with an MS Tag. FIGHT! QR Code…

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Lacoste QR Campaign

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Nick Burcher has done a great job detailing Lacoste’s new QR code campaign. Being the curmudgeon that I am, I want to point out a couple of rather glaring flaws in its execution. Contrast See if you can scan in the code on this image. The image links to Nick’s site if you want the…

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