Simplifying SETI

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A cheap telescope.

SETI is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. They use massive radio-telescopes to search the sky for signs of intelligent life. But the sky is big. Where should we point the telescopes to improve our chances of detecting a signal? Rather than point at random stars, or promising looking constellations, I propose a more scientific…

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Photographing The Moon With A Phone*

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*And a telescope…. The photo on the left is me just pointing my Galaxy Note II at the sky – the one on the right uses the same phone, but with a bit more kit… Last year, I bought myself a small telescope as a birthday present. I wanted to use it to take photos…

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The Moon

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I’ve always been a bit obsessed with space. I think all true geeks are. It was probably Star Wars that set off my star lust. For the last few years, I’ve been pondering getting a telescope. Like many of my plans, it sat in the back of my head waiting for me to get off…

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