Towards a Taxonomy of Twitter Tropes

The Twitter logo drawn in circles.

If you hang around on a social network long enough, you'll find the same tropes being repeated again and again. So, I thought I'd document some of the ones that I personally find annoying. This blog post is an extension of my moderately popular Twitter thread - with a bit more detail about why they […]

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Augmented Reality Games - How Far Have We Come In 7 Years?

There's a delightful video doing the rounds of an Augmented Reality game for the iPhone. What better use of technology than to simulate the destruction of TIE Fighters? While undoubtedly cool, what amuses me about this game is why it has taken the gaming world so long to catch up with Symbian! Way back in […]

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London - As Though I Had Never Seen It Before

In the last week, I've played two ARGs around London. Using Alternate / Augmented Reality is an amazing way to discover - or rediscover - a city. The Real Game This is still in "beta" so I can't say too much about it. It's a spy game with a twist. You and your partner race […]

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