Google’s Abandoned Android Authenticator App

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The news has just broken that Google’s Authenticator App can have its codes stolen by malware. I doubt Google will ever release a fix for this issue – their 2FA app hasn’t been updated since September 2017. Update! 3 months after I published this post, Google updated their app For two-and-a-half years, Google hasn’t touched…

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Boring Is Beautiful

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I have a lot of smarthome gadgets – but my favourite is the Tado° Thermostat. I think it might be the most boring gadget I’ve ever used – and that’s why I love it! We spend far too much time staring at our screens. We obsessively tend to our digital gardens and rarely spend the…

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BlackBerry's "App Neutrality" isn't as crazy as it sounds

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BlackBerry have drawn scorn from the technology world with their calls for Network Neutrality to apply to app developers. The CEO thinks that NetFlix – and others – should be forced to provide apps for BlackBerry’s minority platform. Is he serious? It sounds like an insane and bureaucratic solution to BlackBerry’s woes – but I’m…

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A Dangerous Change To Google Maps

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Update 2013-07-13 I’ve just received this email from Nate Tyler at Google. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I work on the Google Maps team and just saw your post on Google Maps navigation. Thank you very much for the concern. Wanted to be sure you and your readers are aware that we have pushed an…

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Choc In To Joyville – Cadbury's Hackday

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Before Cadbury’s inaugural hackday began there were a number of rumblings on the blogs about the extact nature of Cadbury’s intentions. See Thayer Prime‘s and Emma Mulqueeny‘s thoughts on the subject. As it happens, after a bit of gentle poking, some of the terms were clarified. The event itself went rather well, but I’d like…

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NESTA – What’s App

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Last night I went to the NESTA’s “What’s App?” discussion.  You can watch the event at NESTA’s website. Here at @nesta_uk for What's App a look at the emerging app economy. — Terence Eden (@edent) March 22, 2010 It was an excellent panel – despite being a bit stale, pale and male. But I can’t…

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BlackBerry AppWorld – Pictures and thoughts

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So, RIM have finally released their Application Store (hereafter called AppWorld) Let’s take it for a spin on a BlackBerry Bold (9000 running for those who care about such things). All screenshots taken with the magnificent CaptureIt from The Tech Mogul. You can grab it by pointing your ‘Berry at First off, it’s…

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