Mobile Badvertising – Flickr & iPhone

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Once again, I dive into the confusing world of Mobile Internet Advertising. A world, so we’re told, where the streets are paved with gold. Based on the evidence I’ve accumulated, mobile advertising is subject to a lot of hype and not a lot of professionalism. Take this example as seen on my BlackBerry 9000. Flickr…

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BlackBerry AppWorld – Pictures and thoughts

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So, RIM have finally released their Application Store (hereafter called AppWorld) Let’s take it for a spin on a BlackBerry Bold (9000 running for those who care about such things). All screenshots taken with the magnificent CaptureIt from The Tech Mogul. You can grab it by pointing your ‘Berry at First off, it’s…

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iTunes – Why The Sad Face?

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After much faffing about – with a lot of help from Jon Price – I’ve finally got the damned iPhone working with iTunes. But what a pain in the arse. How this is the SAVIOUR OF THE MOBILE PHONE INDUSTRY is quite beyond me. First up, yet another EULA.I think that’s the third one that…

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iTunes Sucks. A Rational Discussion

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I’ve largely stayed out of the Apple sphere of influence. I’m stuck on Windows XP at work and use Ubuntu at home. The first – and last – Apple product I owned was a blueberry iMac. I think it may have had an early version of OS X on it. It was fun enough, but…

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