Why does my remote control need to know my location?

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Allow Pioneer Remote App to access this device's location?

Here’s an interesting user-hostile pattern which could easily be avoided if programmers and business-people thought like regular humans. I have a Pioneer / Onkyo sound system. It’s pretty nice and comes with a (not too crappy) Android app to let me remote control it. One day, the app updated itself. The changelog was the usual…

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It's The Little Things Which Make An App

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I’ve been a big fan of Ovo Energy since switching to them last year. They email me a PDF statement, pay me 3% interest on any overpayments, and have their call centre waiting times displayed prominently on their homepage. So, when they announced their new app, I was expecting something a little bit special. And…

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The OAuth / App Anti-Pattern

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OAuth was designed to combat an anti-pattern. Typing your username and password into a third party site is bad idea. A really bad idea. I mean, you may think it’s a bad idea to give your bank details to a Nigerian prince but that’s just peanuts compared to giving away your password to an untrusted…

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Give Customers an Elevator Pitch for Your App

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We live in a world of our own creation. This means we can find it inconceivable that outsiders don’t know the acronyms we use daily. How can anyone possibly live without understanding what we do? Customers don’t understand your company’s acronyms, processes, or business model. It’s worse than that, though – most users don’t even…

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QR Pal – When is an Android App not an Android App?

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It’s been a while since I did a screenshot based review of a mobile app. I was gratified when QR Pal asked me to review their new app. First thing’s first, this is a great idea for a QR Scanner. It saves all your scans – so you can retrieve them by category, it checks…

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Android App – Vodafone UK USSD Commands

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This is a really geeky app! You know USSD? They’re the codes you can type in to your phone to send messages back and forth to the networks.  You’ve probably seen something like *#147# to display the last caller. My second app presents a series of buttons which call the USSD commands – so you…

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NESTA – What’s App

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Last night I went to the NESTA’s “What’s App?” discussion.  You can watch the event at NESTA’s website. Here at @nesta_uk for What's App a look at the emerging app economy. — Terence Eden (@edent) March 22, 2010 It was an excellent panel – despite being a bit stale, pale and male. But I can’t…

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