Was Alan Turing "Controversial"?

Who was Alan Turing? Turing College takes its name from Alan Turing. He was a trail-blazing and controversial figure who changed the course of history. And it's his inspirational example that lays at the heart of what we do. But just how is this amazing man connected to our vision? Let’s find out.

A Lithuanian company has created a for-profit training company called Turing College. The word "College" isn't a protected term in most of Europe. Unlike, for example, "University", anyone can call themselves a college. It is also unaffiliated with Alan Turing. I asked them about this - because it seems a bit weird to me to […]

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Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park stands as a testament to the power of mathematics. It represents the idea that brains, not brawn, are vital to winning any conflict. Like many Brits, I learned about the Second World War at school. I devoured books - fiction and non - about the war. What interested me wasn't the tales of […]

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