Trip to South Africa

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While my recent trip to South Africa was primarily for work, I couldn't spend a week there and not do some touristy things! The absolute highlight of the trip was being eaten by a lion! If you're in Joburg, visit Lion Park - an amazing place. Other highlights included.... I went up Table Mountain. I… Continue reading →

Roaming Costs in Africa

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As I've mentioned, I'm off to Africa. I was wondering what the rates are going to be for roaming. I could get a local SIM - but as I'm only there for a few days, it seems a bit pointless - no one will have the number & I'll lose any credit at the end… Continue reading →


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Well, it's official. In a month I'll be flying down to Cape Town, South Africa. Then on to Johannesburg. Then up to Nairobi. Then west to Lagos. Four cities, three countries, two weeks, one massive continent. Africa. I'm flying down with InMobi, my employers (this blog post is personal and doesn't reflect company policy etc).… Continue reading →

BarCamp Africa UK

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I met Ethel Delali Cofie at BarCampBrighton. She was telling me that she wanted to run a BarCamp called #bcAfricaUK09. I pointed her towards the BarCampLondon 09 organisers and told her that I'd see if she could use the Vodafone Group HQ. I woke up on Saturday morning after a long and difficult week at… Continue reading →