The 360 Selfie

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Us posing outside the Colosseum

I’ll admit it – I never really got the selfie. I was trapped in the mistake that they were a mere narcissistic folly. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The more I travel the world, the more I see a change in people’s behaviour around monuments. It used to be people jostling to get the…

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Review: PowerAdd 360 Camera

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Close up detail of the lens

After seeing my review of the LG 360 camera, the good folks at PowerAdd sent me their competitor to see what I thought. This sponsored post is a showdown between the two cameras. The PowerAdd is half the cost of the LG, but what’s the quality like? Tech Specs Before we dive in to the…

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EU 112 Day Widget

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Today is the European 112 Day! Because the date is 11/2 – just like the number – see! 112 is the European wide emergency services number. Wherever you are in the EU, dialling 112 will get you through to the local emergency services. In fact, most GSM networks outside of the EU will also route…

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Dabr Widget for 360 H1

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I’ve written a very basic JIL widget to launch dabr.  You can grab it from I’ve tested this to work on the Vodafone 360 H1 – but it should work with any JIL handset. Because it isn’t certified, you may need to dial *#35767# to remove the H1’s security check. The code is very…

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