Rate Card (2017)

So, you'd like to pay me for the work I do? Great! Here are some of the options I offer.

Payment in chocolate is perfectly acceptable.
Payment in chocolate is perfectly acceptable.

Consultancy: from £650/day

I provide bespoke consultancy on a range of subjects, including:

  • Mobile web/app strategy.
  • Hackathon planning and curating.
  • Workshopping innovative thinking (groups of up to 25).
  • Presentation skills (individual and group coaching).
  • Creative coding and interactive story planning.
  • WordPress designing and building.
  • Blogging.

Workshops may require up to 1 day of preparation charged at the normal rate.

I am very happy to discount my rates for charities, non-profits, and worthy causes.

Contact me to discuss.

Speaking: from £450 + Expenses

I'm a regular speaker on the technology circuit. I have a range of talks which I update every quarter. I run workshops, talk on panels, and lead tutorials.

I'm based in Oxford, UK - with easy access to international airports.

Please note: I don't speak on panels which are exclusively male, nor at conferences with a non-diverse speaker list. Your event should have a Code of Conduct.

Again, I am always willing to heavily discount my rates for charities, non-profits, universities, and other worthy causes.

Contact me to discuss.

Sponsored Articles: £FREE - £250

If you have a relevant article which you would like me to share with my readers, I'm usually happy to oblige.

  • I will write up to 400 words with photos / media supplied by you - £250.
  • Want to supply all your own words and content? Sorry, I don't do that.
  • I'm usually happy to review interesting gadgets in return for keeping the kit. You do not get any editorial control over the content, but can supply official media for use in the article.

Sponsored posts will be marked as such in order to comply with UK legislation.

Contact me to discuss.

Reprinting Content: £100 or payment in kind

If you want to reprint my content on your website or in your print publication - please respect my copyright and contact me before republishing.

Depending on the piece, my usual fee is £100 for republication on a single site / printed publication.

I also accept payment in kind - for example a 12 month subscription to your publication, a copy of the book you're writing, store credit, etc.

Contact me to discuss.

Bespoke Articles for publication: from £300

I'm happy to adapt any of my blog posts, or create new content, for your publication. Whether it is an Intranet newsletter or a printed magazine - I can write articles on new technology to order.

Content starts from £300 depending on length and inclusion of media.

Contact me to discuss.

Saying "thank you": FREE!

If you've enjoyed what I've written, or made use of my Open Source code, please drop me a note. Honestly, I'm a vain and egotistical person - so do please send me flattery.

I really want to give you stuff!

OK! I maintain an Amazon Wishlist containing all manner of interesting toys.

You can also send me money via PayPal.

Anything else? Please contact me to discuss.