Rate Card (2018)

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So, you'd like to pay me for the work I do? Great! Here are some of the options I offer.

Payment in chocolate is perfectly acceptable.

Payment in chocolate is perfectly acceptable.

Sponsored Articles and Reviews

If you have a relevant product which you would like me to share with my readers, I'm usually happy to oblige.

  • I'll review interesting gadgets in return for keeping the kit.
  • You do not get any editorial control over the content, but can supply official media for use in the article.
  • Want to supply all your own words and content? Sorry, I don't do that.
  • I do live unboxings on my YouTube channel.

Sponsored posts will be marked as such in order to comply with UK legislation.

Contact me to discuss.

Reprinting Content: £100 or payment in kind

If you want to reprint my content on your website or in your print publication - please respect my copyright and contact me before republishing.

Depending on the piece, my usual fee is £100 for republication on a single site / printed publication.

I also accept payment in kind - for example a 12 month subscription to your publication, a copy of the book you're writing, store credit, etc.

Contact me to discuss.

Saying "thank you": FREE!

If you've enjoyed what I've written, or made use of my Open Source code, please drop me a note. Honestly, I'm a vain and egotistical person - so do please send me flattery.

I really want to give you stuff!

OK! I maintain an Amazon Wishlist containing all manner of interesting toys.

You can also send me money via PayPal.

Anything else? Please contact me to discuss.

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