Don’t think of it as Working From Home – Think of it as Extreme Hotdesking!!

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A c omplex mechanical unit to adjust the height of a laptop.

I once drove my company car to my company’s office and then drove around the company car park for 20 minutes looking in vain for a parking space. Whereupon I double-parked across a couple of cars, flipped on my hazard lights, and dialled in to my Very Important Meeting. Half-an-hour later, I drove home to…

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Movie Review: Escape Room

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A young woman's face is partly replaced by jigsaw pieces.

An utterly superfluous movie. Have you seen Cube? Or perhaps Saw? Maybe My Little Eye? All identical. But this has put last year’s zeitgeist as its title as a selling point. The major problem with this outing of the plot is that it invites us to participate in a puzzle but provides none of the…

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WordPress’s undocumented stats API

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WordPress console showing a JSON output.

This blog runs on WordPress. Using their JetPack plugin, I get fairly detailed stats on views and visitors. But, bizarrely, the API is undocumented. Well, sort of… Let me explain: Just Show Me The Code Here’s the API call to get a year’s worth of data about your blog. ?unit=day &date=2021-01-03 &quantity=365 &stat_fields=views%2Cvisitors’ Replace…

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Book Review: The Problem with Men: When is it International Men’s Day? by Richard Herring

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Book cover witha broken masculine symbol

For the past decade, Richard Herring has been answering sexist trolls on International Women’s Day when they ask ‘when is International Men’s Day?’ in the mistaken belief there isn’t one. If only the trolls had learned to use Google they would realise that there is an International Men’s Day – it’s on November 19th. In…

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The Mobile Phones of Doctor Who – Revolution of the Daleks

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Graham holding an iPhone.

Welcome back, friends! I’ve identified all of the mobile phones used in every episode of Doctor Who! This post looks at the New Year’s Day Special “Revolution of the Daleks”. Do feel free to rummage in the archives. Wooooweeee! What an episode! Only a couple of shots of mobiles in this one – but worth…

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Best of: What I blogged about in 2020

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My smiling face.

This is a quick round-up of the blogs which “did numbers” this year – and a few which I feel were cruelly overlooked. I posted a new blog every day in 2020 – so don’t be surprised if you missed a few. OK? Here we go! January Watch out; there’s a scam about. People love…

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Blogging Every Day For A Year

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WordPrress stats showing 366 posts written.

Every year, I take part in NaBloPoMo the Judoon mating festival where people blog every day in November. I ended November 2019 with more blog posts than I knew what to do with, so I tried blogging every day in January. And then, well, February is only a short month, isn’t it? If all has…

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Add .ics events to your main Google Calendar

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The Google Logo.

Google Calendar is one of the cornerstones of G-Suite. Sadly Google don’t dedicate enough resources to develop into its full potential. Other than a new icon and forced Google Meet integration, it hasn’t had many improvements recently. Leaving it to the community to pick up the pieces. Here’s how to get an external calendar integrated…

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Build – Don’t Buy

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Lots of pixels have been spilled recently on whether you should build your own stuff, or buy stuff and then configure it. Wardley Mapping (which I still don’t understand) seems to say that you should buy commodity items and only build where you can add unique value. And I think I agree with that. For…

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Screen recording on Wayland / Pop_OS

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Unix is user-friendly — it's just choosy about who its friends are.

One of the annoying things about being on the bleeding edge, is that some things don’t work as you expect. I use the Wayland Display Server on my Linux box. And I couldn’t find a simple screen recorder which worked. Turns out, Gnome has a hidden screen recorder! To activate it, press these keys simultaneously.…

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