More thoughts on adding NFC to the Framework Laptop

I've got a fancy new Framework laptop. It comes with little expansion sockets - which allow you to plug in USB devices, HDMI ports, Ethernet cables, and all sorts. I want to add an NFC reader to it. So, step one was to find an NFC circuit board which worked with the hardware and was […]

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Book Review: The Soul of a New Machine - Tracy Kidder

Book cover with circuitry design.

I hate it when I DNF a book. But "Soul of a New Machine" is just dull. It's sort of a hagiography of an obscure company which once made a 32 bit computer. All the men (and it seems to be mostly men) are in turns dull, agressive, or just dicks. As a sample quote: […]

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Review: Framework 16 Laptop

Guts of a computer.

Several years ago, I purchased a Clevo N151CU laptop with the idea that I'd gradually upgrade the RAM, storage, and other bits. After my keyboard failed, I found it difficult to find replacement parts. The whole point of the Framework laptop is that it is specifically designed to be modular. It come in kit form, […]

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Getting lots of BIMI images using Python

Glowing computer text showing dot com dot info etc.

I've written before about the moribund BIMI specification. It's a way for brands to include a trusted logo when they send emails. It isn't much used and, apparently, is riddled with security issues. I thought it might be fun to grab all the BIMI images from the most popular websites, so I can potentially use […]

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I don't understand the sacrifices people make for work

A little Roman Centurion made out of Lego. He is grimacing fiercely.

Just before I graduated from University, I went to a careers fair to help me decide what I wanted to do with my life. At one of the stalls was our local Police force1 - advertising the exciting new world of digital forensics2. Here is - almost verbatim - the conversation I had with the […]

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EMF 2024 - A Quick Retrospective

Selfie of me in front of a Tesla Coil. A big metal tube shooting sparks.

Six years ago, I went to my first EMF Camp. The next event was cancelled by Covid. The one after that saw me come down with Covid - although I presented remotely. So I was beyond thrilled to be able to attend & speak this year. There's always a risk that you can never recapture […]

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Infrared Infrastructure

Portacabin with hotspots.

I recently went to EMF Camp (which is Glastonbury for geeks - lots of random electronics, talks, art, and camping). Naturally, I took along my Infrared camera and pointed it at interesting things! First up… sewage! Festivals often have big tanks to take away human effluence. But how can you, a normal human, tell how […]

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Window screens in the UK

Product image of a flexible window screen.

One of the things that often confuses Americans when they visit the UK is our lack of window screens. All the Imperialist Yankee media I consumed as a kid had a delightful array of screen doors and windows. But here in rainy old England, there's never been much call for them. Mosquitos are rare. Our […]

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Book Review: Relic - Alan Dean Foster

Book cover - a human stands on a desolate moon looking at the Earth.

This is a decent slice of sci-fi. It's the sort of story that probably could have been written any time in the last 100 years. The sole survivor of the human race is picked up by friendly aliens and spends his life as a specimen of scientific and cultural curiosity. And then... events occur! It's […]

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Movie Review: Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla poster.

I'll say one thing for ゴジラ(Godzilla)-1.0(マイナスワン, it is loud. Even at a moderate volume, your subwoofer will get a workout and your neighbours will start banging the walls. Let them. Godzilla rules! Got neighbours on both sides? Good! Your rears speakers will also be thoroughly abused by Godzilla's roar and the terrifyingly loud explosions. There's […]

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