Où est L'Inconnue de la Seine en 3D?

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Black and white photo of the face of a young woman. Her eyes are closed and she is gently smiling.

Twitter can be amazing sometimes... I was reading about "L'Inconnue de la Seine". The face of a young woman found drowned in the river Seine in the 1800s. Her death mask was enormously popular - with copies of it appearing all over the world. Her smile was compared to the Mona Lisa and her face…

Book Review: On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous

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Book cover with autumnal leaves.

This is a letter from a son to a mother who cannot read. Written when the speaker, Little Dog, is in his late twenties, the letter unearths a family's history that began before he was born. It tells of Vietnam, of the lasting impact of war, and of his family's struggle to forge a new…

Augmented Reality Twitter Conversations!

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I've recently launched TweeView - a new way to visualise Twitter conversation threads in 2D and 3D. Sadly, I don't have a Virtual Reality system - feel free to buy me one! - but I have the next best thing. A web browser! Demo! Using the awesome power of A-Frame, here's a demo of how…

Twitter trialling "bot" account identification

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Screenshot showing the @openbenches account is Automated by @edent.

I run lots of automated Twitter accounts - "bots" in common parlance. But there's no way for people to know that these are automated accounts. This leads to slightly odd situations where people try to have conversations with them. It sure looks like a shade of purple to me. 🤔 — 🇺🇸 Elections Matter 🇺🇸…

Pure CSS Corner Banner

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Scratching my own itch. Here's how to make a "beta" ribbon in CSS. Place this HTML at the end of your document: <hr id="beta" aria-label="Warning this page is a beta."> (Doesn't have to be <hr> - use whatever makes sense in your design.) Then, add this CSS: #beta { float: left; top: 1.5em; left: -3em;…

Book Review: Darkwood by Gabby Hutchinson Crouch

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An armoured Kniwght looks out over a forest. A friendly spider sits on their shoulder.

Magic is forbidden in Myrsina, along with various other abominations, such as girls doing maths. This is bad news for Gretel Mudd, who doesn’t perform magic, but does know a lot of maths. When the sinister masked Huntsmen accuse Gretel of witchcraft, she is forced to flee into the neighbouring Darkwood, where witches and monsters…

Book Review: Bias Interrupted Creating Inclusion for Real and for Good - Joan C. Williams

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Book cover.

Companies spend billions of dollars annually on diversity efforts, with remarkably few results. Too often diversity efforts rest on the assumption that all that's needed is an earnest conversation about "privilege." That's not enough. To truly make progress with diversity, equity and inclusion, we must focus less on documenting the problem and more on just…

Replacing broken avatar images with background SVG Emoji

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Group of emoji.

When someone on Twitter mentions my blog, the WordPress WebMentions plugin automatically fetches those Tweets and turns them into comments on the blog post. It looks something like this: That is pretty cool - but has one slight problem. If someone changes their Twitter avatar, or deletes their account, the image disappears and I'm left…

Review: Boyue Likebook P78 eReader - the Anti-Kindle

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An eInk tablet.

Before I start this blog post - here's a big fat warning. You will get no support from Boyue if things go wrong with your device. I have their previous model, the Likebook Ares. After less than a year of use, I noticed screen discolouration. The eBay reseller wasn't interested in helping me with a…

What's the window size of a background tab?

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The Outer window size is zero by zero.

Whenever I open Twitter in a new tab on my phone, the page layout looks weird for a few seconds. It starts out looking like the desktop view and then, after a few seconds, it snaps back to the mobile view. What's causing this? Try opening this link to a window size detector in a…