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Care In The Community

Did you know that the LEDs on the front of your Internet router fire out WiFi beams? That's why you should never cover their incessant blinking with duct tape. In the 1980s, the Thatcher Government decided that treating mentally ill people in specialised institutions wasn't an effective use of money. Instead, they rationalised, sell off... Read more »

Smart Watch - Wearable Technology Failure


I got a SmartWatch the other day. One of our interns had bored of it, so I swapped my long-disused BlackBerry PlayBook for it. I configured it, paired it with my Android phone, then set about trying to use it. This, very roughly, was my experience with it. My first full day with a Sony... Read more »

Sookie Stackhouse's Phone Has A Dreadful User Interface!


I love the TV Show True Blood. I really only watch it for the insightful social commentary and tasteful depictions of interspecies erotica. And the User Interface mistakes, obviously. During the recent episode "I Found You", the Jessica (the Vampire) places a phone call to Sookie (a sort of telepathic fairy... it doesn't really matter...)... Read more »

Google Play Won't Accept PayPal


Hey kids! Did you know that the best way to report bugs to Google is via passive-aggressive blog posts? Yup, s'true. They don't offer support for any of their products*, so your only hope is getting your complaint to the top of Reddit / HackerNews / Cool Site of the Day and hoping that particular... Read more »

Review - Wooden Phone Case for Galaxy Note 3


VWTech Co Ltd are yet another company out of Shenzen, China, selling weird and wonderful gadgets at knockdown prices. I decided to treat myself to one of their "Unique Real Handmade Natural Wood Wooden Hard Bamboo Shockproof Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 3" It promised to be a laser-cut and engraved, bamboo case for my... Read more »