Humin - A Zombie Idea

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If you ever listen to the wonderful More or Less podcast, you'll have heard the term "Zombie Statistic." It relates to stats which are factually incorrect - yet keep being circulated. Despite being disproved, they rear their ugly heads again and again. You probably know a few - men think about sex every 7 seconds,…

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Some thoughts on .tel

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Just a few quick thoughts. .tel is yet another top level domain to go with all those other highly profitablepopular ones. You know, like .biz, .museum, .info, etc. This domain is different - this domain is single purpose. .tel's raison d'être is to abolish the business card. No more handing over little cardboard oblongs, in…

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How Safe is Your Social Network?

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One of the great things about the Internet and Peer-to-Peer technologies is that they are decentralised. If one part of the net goes down - the rest pulls together and manages. If a box somewhere dies, other boxes should take over until it can be fixed. Grimly, we can apply this as an analogy to…

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