Theatre Review: The Mind Mangler

Photo of a man standing on a stage with an illuminated sign reading "Mind Mangler".This is a blast from start to finish. I haven't heard such screams of laughter since, well, the last Mischief production I saw!

The Mind Manger is a crap magician dealing with his shitty home life, a tosspot stooge, and an audience full of idiots. Naturally, everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Imagine a very grumpy Tommy Cooper who despises his audience and, against all the evidence to the contrary, is convinced of his own mesmeric ability.

It's a fully interactive show - the whole audience become part of the act in various misconceived ways. Of course, when the magic does work, it is spectacular.

If you can, get front row seats. We had a close up view of all the mishaps and were drawn in to some of the tricks. Joyous to peek just a little bit behind the curtain.

The London run ends in a few days, and then it is off on tour. Absolutely worth grabbing a ticket. Positively daft fun for all ages.


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