Review: ACM1252U-Z2 NFC Reader Board

Recap - I want to build an NFC reader expansion card for the FrameWork laptop. So I've bought a couple of components.

This is the ACM1252U-Z2 and Oh! It is a dinky little component!

View of a circuit board with a lit green LED.

The only sign that it is working is a flashing green LED. There's no buzzer on the board. It really is a tiny thing. Side on it is almost invisible.

Side on view of a circuit board. Nothing much is protruding.

Does it work with Linux? Oh yes! It has a Micro-USB port, so I got a USB-C OTG cable. I plugged it into my laptop and ran lsusb - which shows it as 072f:223e Advanced Card Systems, Ltd ACR1252 Reader

Running pcsc_scan gives pretty much the same information 0: ACS ACR1252 CL Reader [ACR1252 Reader PICC] 00 00

It wasn't detected by libnfc 1.8.0 ☹

Using the FIDO2 HID Bridge I was able to use my NFC Ring to log in to various websites.

The antenna seems pretty sensitive. It read my ring from about a centimetre away though a cardboard sleeve. I think the debug port is the "J3 nRF USB" - but I can't find many details about wiring it up.

So, will it fit in the Framework laptop? Perhaps. If I could solder on a USB-C jack, it would still stick out 2.5cm - so a 3D printed protector would still be needed.

Alternatively, as suggested by Stephen Early it might be possible to hook it in to the spare USB 2.0 ports. And, if the size is right, stowing it beside the touchpad.

But, first, I need to wait for my laptop to ship 😂

The board costs about £35


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