Review: AntiSpam Bee WordPress Plugin

Someone recently complained that using JetPack's Akismet anti-spam plugin wasn't very privacy friendly.

So, because I take every minor complaint as a personal rebuke, I decided to switch to AntiSpam Bee - an open source and local antispam solution.

And... it's pretty good! There is the occasional false negative - but not significantly worse than JetPack.

Most of the false negatives are from non-English language comments:

Comment with Japanese text. The email address is for an emergency locksmith, the link goes to a sex-doll emporium.

There are settings so that you can reject comments which aren't in your native language. But that comes with privacy implications.

I didn't spot any false positives - but I get hundreds of spam comments per day.

Screenshot showing a graph of spam comments per day.

It's a little more fiddly than Akismet. But, as a power user, I appreciate that. It's also less reliant on a centralised service - who knows what weird AI grab Akismet will do with all the comments it moderates?

You can grab the source code from GitHub


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3 thoughts on “Review: AntiSpam Bee WordPress Plugin”

  1. @Edent another point is that Akismet licence terms are that it is not free on the majority of sites ( for instance your blog as you advertise yourself for freelance counts as 'commercial' ) and at approx $60 per year Akismet is not cheap.

  2. says:

    @Edent Oh wow, awesome! 🤩 Glad you are happy with it!
    (And sorry if my comment came across as a rebuke. Now that I read it again it could have been worded better. 😐 )


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