There's too much Star Wars

I am (what could charitably be called) a Star Wars fanboi. When I was a nipper, there were only 3 Star Warses1, and I wore out the video tapes watching them repeatedly. When the Timothy Zahn books came out, I was starved of new content and devoured them eagerly.

And... that was pretty much all there was for Star Wars. Oh, sure, there were the Droid and Ewok cartoons but - although I didn't have the vocabulary for it - I didn't think they were cannon2.

By the time I got married in a Star Wars themed wedding, I'd settled into a cadence of a new movie every few years. And, maybe the occasional in-world webisode or making-of featurette.

Yesterday I settled in for a game of Vader Immortal on the Oculus Meta Quest VR headset. When I was going off to university, Star Wars games looked like this:

A simple 2D point and click game called Yoda Stories.

And now I had a 3D Vader looming over me, with surround sound battle effects, and a lightsabre which reacted to each twitch.

It suddenly occurred to me - I've missed dozens of Star Wars games in the intervening years. Not just the cheap movie-tie-ins on obsolete consoles, but blockbuster launches. Once upon a time I was downloading mods for Dark Forces from dodgy FTP sites. I've Nowadays I've no idea what's going on in the Star Wars gaming space.

And don't get me started on the various TV series! Yeah, I thought the first series of The Mandalorian was pretty nifty - but seeing all the fan discussion and theorising made me realise how much of the Star Wars world I'd missed. Even if I took a month off work, I wouldn't be able to catch up with the various Clone Wars TV series and movies, animated shows, Tales, Visions, and assorted works.

The first episode of Andor was good, Obi-Wan wasn't, Boba Fett wore me out, I've got the rest of the Mandalorian on my to-watch list and...

Look - I'm sure Disney knows better than I just how much they can milk out of their IP. But I feel like a kid who made a wish on a cursed monkey-paw3 - "Let there be even more Star Wars!"

I'm ungrateful, I know. And I don't want to be the sort of person who says "It was better back in the olden days4 when we didn't have anything and we liked it that way!"

But, this May The Forth, my small plea into the void is for just a little less Star Wars. I want to try and catch up!

  1. I don't think the Holiday Special ever made it to the UK. 
  2. Well - no more so than the stories I dreamed up with my Kenner Dolls5
  3. Do Ewoks have paws? What about Wookies? 
  4. A long time ago, if you will. 

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4 thoughts on “There's too much Star Wars”

  1. says:

    IMO, there's never too much SW. Sometimes you just have to give yourself some time between episodes and instead of going to the cinema, buy a DVD / BRay and watch it on your home theater.


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