I'm quoted in this Verge article about AMP

The journalist David Pierce has written a piece about the birth and (almost) death of Google's AMP.

Regular readers know I have been a vocal critic of AMP even when I was serving on its advisory committee. Nowadays, well, I can't remember when I last saw an AMP page (yay Firefox!) and I've never had a client ask me to develop an AMP site.

Last year, I had a long chat with David about my thoughts on AMP. I'm grateful that he left out some of my more splenetic comments - but I'm rather pleased that the sentiment I expressed came through. Although I would have spelt the word as "coloured" 😉

The best thing you can do to speed up your web browsing isn't to use AMP; it is to install an ad blocker. Personally, I recommend uBlock Origin which works on desktop browsers and Firefox for Android.

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