Happy 2nd Birthday to this Bitwarden bug!

Exactly two years ago to the day, I reported a weird little emoji bug with Bitwarden.

Let's say you want a password of:


(As close as possible to Correct Horse Battery Staple)

That works. Emoji are stored and retrieved correctly. You can use them with any system which supports them. But you can't view them. Here's what it looks like if you try to see your password using the Bitwarden Android app:

Screenshot of the Bitwarden Android interface. Emoji are showing as question marks.

Yup - a bunch of emoji are replaced with ����. Ew.

Now, in fairness, this bug was quickly fixed in the desktop client and the browser plugins. But, sadly, even the latest version of the Android app is still broken.

I use Bitwarden, and I happily pay for it. But I wish they were a bit more responsive about fixing trivial bugs like this.

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One thought on “Happy 2nd Birthday to this Bitwarden bug!”

  1. @Edent At least you get to "see" something. On iOS, both the app and the test one, crash everything.

    Apparently it's a problem related only to logins, I tried with a credit card and the hidden field is displayed fine.

    Of course two years is a long time @bitwarden


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