Restaurant Review: Kusa Japanese Vegan - Bukit Bintang

We flew in early to Kuala Lumpur - the only way to stave off the jetlag was to go hunting for lunch. We made the mistake of trying to walk through the city. What looked like a brisk 30 minute stroll became an exercise in dashing across busy roads in the sweltering heat.

My brain was mush by the time we found the restaurant - a little out of the way and nestled inside what looks like an office block - so we ordered one of the sushi set menus.

Big platter of veggie sushi.

(My brain was too mushy to take a photo - but the menu is accurate.)

It was incredible. The waiter gave us strict instructions on the order in which to eat everything. That was absolutely necessary - and meant the meal finished with a burst of mango sushi.

Well, it didn't quite end there. If I see a vegan tiramisu, I'm going to grab it with both hands! Well, I got two spoons, so Liz helped me with it.

The wait staff were incredibly helpful in explaining the menu, teaching us about which apps to use to get around town, and and giving us directions afterwards.

Accepts credit cards, free WiFi, and cosily decorated.


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